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How to make a tour reservation on Mama Homestay website

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Welcome you guys to Mama's Homestay official website. Here are the steps to book and join the tour with us. You can message us on WhatsApp or by email if you have any questions.

1. Choose the tour type:

You can select your tour and its type by using the dropdown menu. Afterward, choose your preferred tour date. If you plan to book transportation to Ha Giang along with the tour, please note that all buses require booking at least one day before the tour begins. As a bonus, we provide a complimentary one-night stay in a dorm at Mama's Homestay. Feel free to check in upon your arrival


2. Choose your accommodation:

The tour prices already include the dorm fee. If you prefer a private room (suitable for 2-3 people) or a family room (accommodating 4-5 people), simply indicate your choice by selecting the desired room type


3. Choose transportation to/from Ha Giang

In this section, you will find our bus services from Hanoi, Sapa, Cat Ba, Ha Long, and Ninh Binh, featuring a variety of schedules to suit your travel plans.

Our bus service operates on a request booking basis. Once you submit your request, we will check ticket availability and confirm the pick-up location. In the event that a change is necessary due to availability constraints, we will inform you accordingly.

Please note that all bus bookings must be made at least one day before the tour starts. Therefore, it's essential to ensure that you select the correct date and time. If you need to make changes after successfully booking, feel free to reach out to us via email or WhatsApp, and we will be happy to assist you


4. Choose motorbike:

The 'RIDE BY YOURSELF' tour includes a semi-automatic Honda Blade 110cc. If you wish to upgrade to a different type of motorbike, simply select the desired motorbike tour, and any additional fees associated with the upgrade will be reflected in the total payment


5. Choosing number of people:

If you have a group of more than one person, all opting for the same tour type and transportation, you can book together by specifying the number of people in your group. However, if you are choosing different tours, please make separate bookings. For guidance on how to proceed with different tour selections, refer to number 6 in this paragraph


6. Your booking info:

Please ensure that you provide the necessary information as per our requirements. If you wish to be grouped with a friend or have any special requests, such as dietary preferences (e.g., vegetarian, vegan, etc.), kindly leave a message here. This will enable us to take note of your preferences and make appropriate arrangements to enhance your overall experience. We will confirm the receipt of your special request promptly.

Note: Please fill out your friend fullname so I can arrange you guys same group.

7. Booking successful:

After successfully completing your booking, you will receive an email from us containing all the information you provided. Please take a screenshot when our website displays the confirmation in case you haven't received any email form us. Please contact us then so I can resend for you.


I hope this article has provided you with a clearer understanding of how to book a tour with us. We are thrilled to welcome you to Mama's Homestay and eagerly anticipate your arrival!

Warm regards, Mama and her crew

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