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How to drive a semi-automatic scooter effectively

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If you lack experience as a biker, the prospect of tackling the Ha Giang Loop on an automatic bike might seem appealing. Automatic bikes are easier to handle, but is it suitable for the Ha Giang loop? Let's explore! In the hilly terrain of Ha Giang, using an automatic bike is less safe and environmentally friendly than opting for a semi-automatic or manual bike. The roads here are full of ups and downs, making it challenging for automatic bikes to handle the uneven surfaces, often resulting in breakdowns. Another safety issue is the lack of gears in automatic bikes, preventing them from engine braking effectively. In this post, we will learn how to drive a semi-automatic scooter so you can be confident to do the loop with Mama's homestay.

Shifting gears:

The rule is when you change gears, you release the throttle, stepping on the rear part of the left pedal will shift the gear down, while stepping on the front part of the left pedal will shift the gear up. To back to Neutral, you can either shift the gear down or up.

If you are trying to shift gears to move faster but wait too long, then you cannot change the gear because the speed of the next gear doesn’t match. While you shift to slow down and make it too fast, your semi-automatic motorbike could easily get stuck. Then, a sudden stop or pause will be quite dangerous and damage the engine.

• Set the gear position in Neutral (N). Get in each gear step by step, and shift the gear up from (N) to the 4th gear (This will help the engine accelerate faster)

• As soon as the turn or curve comes in, slow down and release the throttle, and shift the gear down to 2nd or 3rd gear if the turn/curve is too sharp (so when you pass the curve, it will be easier. By this way, your semi-automatic bike does not have to slow down too much and lose momentum) combined with brakes (you should use both front and back brakes)

You can have a look at this range: Gear in 1st to 2nd for the speed 20 km/h; 2nd to 3rd gear for the speed 20 – 40 km/h; 3rd to 4th gear for the speed 40 – 60 km/h

Ways to ride the semi-auto bike properly

  • To properly shift gears

A basic mistake that many newbies make is not using the right gear for each situation. For example, stopping temporarily (like stopping at red lights) or driving at extremely low speed but still putting the high gear (4th gear). With this wrong ride, the engine will consume more fuel, and lose power which affects the bike’s performance.

  • Do not use only one break

Many newbies are used to squeezing only one brake while driving a semi-automatic motorbike and even worse, it is usually the handbrake. There is an important thing you’d better remember all motorbikes or scooters are equipped with two brakes (front brake and back one). And the handbrake is for the front wheel.

If you only use the front brake, it easily falls down. If you use only the rear brakes, there is a risk of a semi-automatic bike being splashed, slipping, and shooting away.

The best way is to use both brakes at the same time with the rule is “squeeze the rear brake first then follow by the front brake”.

  • To get well-looked after regularly

We should replace wind filters and oil filters on time.

These technical problems can be confusing to newcomers. But, in general, anything has its own terms and instructions. With motorcycles, changing the air filter, and the oil filter is essential to ensure durability, good performance, and not to “eat” too much fuel. Replacement of the air filter, and oil filter on a regular basis also makes the engine run smoother, the machine is not abnormal when operating.

If the carburetor likes the “heart” of the engine, the wind filter will be like the “lung” of the bike. A dirty wind filter will fail to provide the correct amount of air for the carburetor. This will cause the motorbike to consume a lot of fuel and not good in performance. The oil filter, ’s function is to sieve and get rid of contaminants that could be harmful to the engine

Here is the video that Mama's homestay will show you guys how to drive a Semi-automatic motorbike:


From the above points, I hope this article will help you know exactly how to drive a semi-automatic motorbike safely, even if you are a newbie.

From Mama's Homestay team


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